Pro Se Power TipTM  # 14A

from the American Justice Studies School of Law


 Free Index Tabs for Briefs

 You will have to organize your filing and especially your briefs with reference markers using an index. Index tabs and seperatotrs are sold for this purpose but typically cost 6 to 8 dollars for a set of 30 tabbed separators. A typical appeal of 6-8 sets of every brief of 2 or3 or more can add up to 24 sets of tabs costing 24 x 6-8.00=   $$$  Make them nearly for free.   When you are done the appeals package should look like this. Try to keep the folders the same color. Note with new electronic filing in most states you can send just a Word or Adobe PDF file instead of hard copy. Ask the court if they will accept the  file instead.

and the Appeals Package